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I am so serious when I say that if you love Star Trek, whether it’s the entire series, or even just the last film, you belong in the fandom. If anyone argues with this logic, they have missed the point of Star Trek altogether. Do not let people tell you what you get to love or how you have to show your love for it.

We want you here.

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Daily reminder that Jean-Luc Picard was rejected the first time he applied to Starfleet Academy so remember that whenever you feel like giving up

And that it wasn’t until he was literally stabbed in the heart that he turned his life onto the path that led him to become the great captain we all admire. So remember that too whenever you feel like giving up.

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William Shakespeare: The Tempest - Act 5 Scene 1

Here Prospero discovers FERDINAND and MIRANDA playing at chess.

MIRANDA: Sweet lord, you play me false.


KIRK: Have I ever mentioned you play a very irritating game of chess, Mister Spock?


Chess has been a metaphor for love and courtship since the middle ages.